Bucket List Australia

I have just three month left, when I finished my work and the country is huge. So its time vs. 8.600.000 km². Always to to keep an eye on my favorite things to do. Some are classy, but I´m probably just once in Australia. Some To Do´s are my personal wishes. So have a look and maybe you get inspired by one of my out-of-the-box-ideas.

What I really want to see or do Down Under 🐨


1. Visiting Tasmania
Tasmania is known for being „the little New Zealand“. I´m absolutely exited about the nature. The island has some really nice walking treks through the national parks. Not only day tours, you could also stay in the national park and do longer trips.


 2. Melbourne, Baby!
I heard a lot about the beauty of Melbourne. I was already convinced of Sydney as a beautiful city, but we will see Melbourne who is more #onfleek 😉


3. Great Ocean Road
Must Do- nothing else to say 👍


4. Working as a Cowgirl- yihaaa
Ok, I have the hollywood picture of „The Horse Whisperer“ or „Broke Back Mountain“ in mind. But the scenic here is perfect and why should´t I try it? You will see what will happen with this idea on my bucket list.


5. Visiting the 12 Apostel
I love the Instagram Pictures of these stunning rocks. And I wanna sea this beauty with my own eye and through my own camera lens 📷


6. Seeing a koala in the wildlife
They so cute and fluffy and they got so many on the east coast. Open your eyes and spotting is the mission 🐨
7. Surf Camp
Did I say I learnt surfing? Well, in fact I´m able to stand on the board and I´m starting catching my own green waves, but wiggle, wiggle don´t fall! I really need more practicing. And a week just surfing and professional help? Thats not to bad, isn’t it? 🏄

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