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Yay everyone, I’m Clara, awesome to meet you. I’m a globetrotter just planning my new adventure. This time it will be for about 8 month, traveling around our beautiful world. So get on here and let´s have a fantastic time!


Previously on my trip: I started in Australia in June, had an fantastic time with my BFF in the Whitsunday Islands and in the National Parks around Cairns. In July I left Australia for a short trip to Southeast Asia. In Bali I learnt to surf and snorkeled with a big turtle at Gili Air. In Kuala Lumpur I enjoyed iced drink on a Helipad and in Hongkong  I had a view on the skyline from almost every ankle.

Since the end of August I´m back in Australia. Now I´m working as a photographer in a photostudio. I started in Sydney, but I´m on a Travelset, thats means that the company is sending me all over Australia to work in different places. I will stay in this job till the end of November.

And I´m already exited about my new adventures. What´s on my bucket list so far? Check it out here.

… stay tuned for the adventure!

Thats me:

The camera is always glued on my hands. I guess some of my friends are already irritated xD
I’m really addicted to unicorns. Thats the reason for my logo.


 © Clara Wolff


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